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We never want to think about it, but there will probably be a time when our hearing might need a little help. I know my dad is at that point now. He’s only 60, but the hearing in his right ear has gotten noticeably worse over the last couple of months. I often have to repeat myself two or three times before he understands what I’m saying, and the TV is practically screaming at him while he’s watching the nightly news.

When I began researching options, I couldn’t believe the prices I was seeing. On average, just one hearing aid cost about $2500, while some of the more “premium” choices come in at a mind-blowing $5000.  . But, it gets worse. Turns out, most insurance plans won’t cover hearing aids since they’re considered elective and  “nonessential” Well, tell that to my dad who is missing out on conversations with his son and grandchildren.

As much as I love my dad, I’m not about to spend $5,000 on some hearing aids. Plus, he wouldn’t want me to spend that much anyway. That’s when I reached out to my long time friend, who is an audiologist (someone who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss), about my choices. He told me that he’s working with a startup company called Hearing Hero.  They offer FDA approved hearing aids that are only $100 but are just as good as the “premium” options I talked about earlier.

I trust him completely, and is only $100, I knew I had to at least give them a try


The Unboxing And My First Impressions

I ordered one hearing aid by Hearing Hero directly from their store page. I went with the standard shipping, but it actually arrived at my house in only 2 days!  After getting it out of the bubble-wrapped envelope, this is what I saw:


So far, so good! I like how everything is neat and clean, with just the information we need. Also, the fact that it comes with the battery is a nice touch, especially at this price point. After opening the outside box, this is what I saw:



The case was nicely secured in the box, so I know it was protected well during shipping. Finally, it was time to see what came inside!



After opening the case, we find the hearing aid itself, a replacement wire, the battery, and six different earpieces. That makes it very easy to adjust the size and fit to whatever suits you best. Also, the case has an included brush for cleaning. It’s attached via a retractable wire, so it will never get lost, but also stays nice and compact!

The hearing aide itself was lightweight but felt very solid in my hand. It was made of strong composite plastic, unlike most others that are built with low-grade ABS plastic. The battery compartment was easily accessible, and the volume wheel produced a satisfying click as I increased and decreased the volume.

So far, the Hearing Hero is delivering a lot of value for the price!


Sound Test With My Dad Part I: The Setup

So far, I’m very satisfied with what the Hearing Hero delivers at $100! While that’s all great, none of that will matter if it fails the most important test: Does it work?

Now, it was time to enlist the help of my dad.  I planned out exactly how I was going to perform my test before I arrived.

First, I would sit him down on the couch about 10 feet away from the TV. That would be our testing station. Next, I would play a show he’s never seen before. In this case, it was Bob’s Burgers  (one of my personal favorites), and ask him to repeat the line of a character.  This isn’t a memory test, so I would just play a 10-second clip at a time to see what he could hear.

After setting the volume to 40%, it was time to start.

First, we would begin without the Hearing Hero. After having him watch five different 10 second or so clips, I had to stop. It was painful to see my dad struggling so hard to understand what was going on. He put on a brave face and tried as hard as he could, but I knew he was frustrated.

From the unaided test, my dad was able to understand about 50% of the spoken lines. It could be worse, but if he had to watch an entire episode without subtitles, he would definitely be lost.

Time to see what the Hearing Hero can do!

Sound Test With My Dad Part II: Is He A Believer?

My dad is one of those classic prideful men that don’t want assistance with anything. Sometimes it’s hard to get him to just use his glasses. When it was time to get the Hearing Hero set up, he was a little hesitant at first. I told him he didn’t have to keep it if he didn’t like it. Finally, agreed to try it out.

First, we had to pick his earpiece. He was very surprised at how many options he had! A lot of his friends with more expensive hearing aids said they would only get 3 choices or so. Another win for the Hearing Hero!  After sorting through his choices and testing each one, he finally settled on the largest one (big ears run in our family).

Now, it was time to run the same test again (with different scenes, of course). To begin, I set the hearing aids to their lowest level. I wanted to start conservative and see what kind of improvement we could achieve.

It didn’t take long to find out.  As soon as I started playing Bob’s Burgers, his smile lit up bigger than I had seen it in a long while. He was nodding along, laughing at jokes, and overall just having a great time.

The test was over. That smile told me everything I needed to know.

I decided to let him just watch the rest of the episode in peace. Even if he couldn’t understand every word, the fact that we put it on the lowest setting means he could increase it a notch or two and be confident that he will never miss a word again.

After the episode was over,  he gave me this look I’ll never forget. It was a mixture of gratitude and relief like he finally had his life back. I told him he could keep this unit, and that I would get one for any of his friends that wanted one, too. I’ll admit, I had a little tear in my eye.

The Hearing Hero was about to change his life, and we both knew it.


Final Thoughts

You lose a lot of confidence and enjoyment from social interactions when you miss every other word in the conversation. It’s a lot easier to just become a recluse then deal with the frustration of not being able to understand what is happening around you .

My dad fell victim to this mentality, and it definitely hurt our relationship. I was always patient with him and never had an issue repeating what I said. However, he’s one of those people that doesn’t want to show any weakness. So,he would either not see me, or pretend to understand what I was saying.

That all changed once I got him the Hearing Hero. It’s like his whole changed. He could watch his favorite TV shows without subtitles. He could listen to his favorite music again without looking up the lyrics. He went back to playing cards again with his friends. He could enjoy the outdoors and listen to the bird’s chirp.

Most importantly, he would call me to hang out rather than have me beg to see him. Our relationship has never been better, and it’s all thanks to the Hearing Hero.

If you have a family member or friend who is suffering from hearing loss, I can’t recommend the Hearing Hero enough:

The fact that it’s an FDA approved device. The fact that it comes with a case, cleaning brush, replacement wire, six different earpieces, and a battery is amazing. The fact that its build quality rivals that of units costing thousands of dollars is a testament to modern manufacturing practices. The fact that it can turn my stubborn and depressed dad into a happy man enjoying his life is priceless.

But, the greatest fact of all is that everything I just talked about can be achieved with $100. Change their life and yours. Get the Hearing Hero today!

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