The Best Automatic Home Floodlight (For Under $45)


It’s Easy To Install And Wont Break The Bank




I never thought I would need a motion detector floodlight for my home.

That is, until my wife got a new job. She’s a nurse, and since she’s the new one, she has the pick up the late swing shift. That means she leaves the house at 6 PM, and doesn’t arrive back until about 230 AM.

When she arrives, it’s dark, cold, and a little scary. Often times, she was too frightened to get out by herself. She would call me, asking to bring a flashlight and bring her inside. Obviously I don’t mind because I love her, but I was getting a little tired of having my sleep interrupted.

After thinking of ways to improve her situation (and mine, lets be honest) I decided on an automatic, motion detecting floodlight to be put above our driveway. That way, as soon as she pulled into the driveway, and before she even stepped out of the car, her path would be fully illuminated.

Now the obvious question: What do I buy? To answer that, I first had to identify what was important to me in a floodlight:

  1. BRIGHT: there’s no point in buying a wimpy floodlight. It needs to illuminate my entire driveway
  2. AUTOMATIC: If it wont turn on by itself, what’s the point?
  3. AFFORDABLE: To buy, but also to own
  4. EASY: If I have to re-wire and get an entire toolkit out, forget it!

So, now that I had my list, I actually had to find something that meet all of my requirements.

That was NOT easy. After spending a couple of days researching, I finally found something that would work.

And, it was the only one that hit every requirement.  If you  just want to skip to the end to know my winner, click HERE. Otherwise, let me take you through the process!


Do I really NEED A Floodlight?


Yes. But, why?

First of all, it increases your personal safety. And I’m not even talking about from other people. I just mean something small like tripping. 

I mentioned my wife earlier, but this applies to me, too. One evening, I got home around 1 AM, after a poker night with my friends  that went on longer than expected. I don’t know about you, but that is way past my bedtime. Bleary eyed and exhausted, I finally park the car. Once I got out, I reached into my pocket to pull out  my phone to use as a flashlight.

It was dead.

Well, I’ve lived at this place for about 5 years, I know my way around, I don’t need a stupid light!


What I forgot about was that step right  before the porch. Yup, I fell and fell hard. Thankfully, I didn’t break anything, but I did have to stay off my left foot for about 3 days. Lesson learned.

Think it’s time to get an automatic floodlight? You can get exactly what I bought for a great price HERE.

Then, there’s the other big reason to have one: security

Home intruders will attack whichever house they perceive as being the weakest. Put yourself in their shoes.Why would they attack your home, and be lit up like the sun, when they can just walk across the street’s to Bob’s house and make an easy score?

Another little known fact about having a motion sensing floodlight? It can actually lower your home insurance premiums! That’s because it’s an excellent deterrent to home invaders. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than having a home security system that you need to pay monthly for.

Want to save money AND have a safer home? It’s time to pick up the  LightSense HERE!


Ok, I Need A Floodlight. Why Can’t I Just  Pick One Up From The Store?

During my hours of research, I discovered there were a lot of floodlights. Different brands, types, sizes, you name it.  What I found is that  they all have at least one thing that’s critically wrong with them.

First, the most obvious one: They’re just too expensive. We’re talking hundreds of dollars, and that’s just for the unit! Don’t forget about the installation costs!

Next,  a lot of them are just way too complicated. Most of the floodlights I found had to be connected directly to the house’s electricity.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to try and rewire my house just to put up a floodlight. I don’t have the time for that, and I certainly don’t want to pay for that.

Plus, even if you did decide to splurge for an electrician to get everything setup, it’s still going to cost you down the road. Every time the floodlight is on, it’s going to be pulling from your home’s electrical system. Expect your power bill to skyrocket.

The other big issue with floodlights is that a lot of them weren’t automatic. That means as soon as it gets even a little dark, it would be on  full bast all night. Yeah, that’s going to add up fast. Also, you’re going to have to replace those bulbs pretty often if they’re on all the time.

See how your average floodlight is a nightmare?

Do you want an automatic, affordable, and wire free floodlight? Then check THIS OUT!


Alright, So What Do You Recommend?

After completing many hours of research, I finally found the perfect  floodlight solution:

It’s called the LightSense, and you can only get it HERE (trust me, I looked everywhere for it).

So, what makes it so special compared to all the other options?

  • AFFORDABLE:  This wont cost you hundreds of dollars to buy, like other floodlights
  • EASY:  There are absolutely no wires to mess with and wont take expert installation to get setup. You’ll be up and running in about 15 minutes. Just bring your screwdriver.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: The LightSense uses efficient LED lights.  So, forget about changing bulbs any time soon
  • EFFICIENT: The LightSense is SOLAR POWERED! That means it wont use any of your home’s electricity. Plus, with the motion sensor, it will only turn on if it detects anything.
  • TOUGH: The LightSense is built to be outside, so it’s water and weather proof.

To me, the LightSense is the obvious choice when it comes to floodlights. I put in a ton of research, and honestly I don’t think anything else comes close.

Protect your home, protect your family and protect your wallet with the LightSense!

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