The 10 Innovative Health Products You Need to Know About Now


Modern medicine has made leaps and bounds recently. In the last ten years alone, we’ve had breakthroughs from stem cell research to robotic surgery to HIV treatments.

In our increasingly busy modern lives, however, it can be hard to find the time and the money for trips to the doctor’s office, the physical therapist, or other healthcare providers. While there will always be situations where you need to visit a medical professional (and we aren’t advising you not to), self-care at home is increasingly becoming a convenient and affordable alternative for ailments like chronic pain and insomnia.

Regular home health care can have a great impact on the physical, mental, and emotional quality of your daily living.

With these self care ideas and home health products, you can improve your health, fitness, and quality of life. You might also save yourself an expensive trip to the therapist or doctor.


Heal Your Feet with MindInsoles

MindInsoles - Foot Massager - GizmoRate

The average American spends at least two hours a day on their feet, and many of us can spend eight hours or more standing, depending on our jobs. It’s no wonder a recent study found 77% of American adults have experienced foot pain.

With MindInsoles, an acupressure insole, you can combat foot pain on your own. These are the best insoles we’ve found, designed with a perfect blend of ancient Chinese acupressure techniques and modern medicine. The soles have built-in Chakra magnets at key pressure points to improve circulation and reduce inflammation in the feet.

The soles can be trimmed to fit almost any shoe size [Men 6-12 and Women 7-12]. Some users also report help with back pain and other body pains after wearing MindInsoles.

MindInsoles are currently 50% off, so if you’ve ever experienced foot pain or do a lot of standing each day, check out this killer foot care product.


Fight Muscle Pain with the KoreSphere

KoreSphere - Pain Reliever - GizmoRate

Muscle pain is something I’ve dealt with for years as a rock climber. While traditional stretching is helpful, there’s some pain and tightness you can’t get rid of without direct trigger point work, putting pressure on tight knots in the muscles to relieve the tension.

The best muscle massager and best trigger point massager I know of is the KoreSphere. This massage ball roller combines hot and cold massaging technology for the best of both worlds.

It’s like having a heating pad, an ice pack, and a massager all rolled into one.

Place the KoreSphere in the freezer for cryotherapy to relieve swelling or pain, or put it in a bowl of hot water to help with stiff muscles, arthritis, and more. Best of all, it’s ultraportable, so you can take it to the gym, to work, or anywhere else on the go.

At only $30.99, the KoreSphere is a must-have for athletes, workout fiends, or anyone who suffers from muscle pains. This is my favorite health gadget on the list.


Treat Nerve Pain with the AccuPoint

Accupoint - Pain Reliever - GizmoRate

For overall pain, from back pain to neuropathy to migraines, but especially for nerve pain, one of the best pain management devices is a TENS unit. You used to have to go to a therapist to use these, and they were an expensive piece of medical equipment. These days, they’re ultra-portable and affordable, so you can use them at home or on-the-go! Picking up a TENS unit for pain was one of the best self care ideas I’ve had.

The best TENS unit on the market is the AccuPoint.

For those that aren’t familiar with TENS, you attach little gel pads to painful areas on your body (say your lower back, for example) and then turn on the device. It sends little electric pulses through to the pads, stimulating the nerves and muscles in the area and providing relief.

The AccuPoint is extremely light, so you can clip it to your belt and walk around, do the dishes, fold clothes, or working on your computer, all while you’re getting pain treatment. I even took the ACT in high school with a TENS unit like the AccuPoint hooked up to my back for my chronic pain.


Correct Bad Posture with the RenuBack

RenuBack - Posture Corrector - GizmoRate

With so much of our time spent slouched over computers, it’s not surprising many of us struggle with poor posture and resulting back pain.

With the RenuBack, however, you can fight back pain on your own time, without doctor appointments or surgeries. This great posture brace fits over your clothes or under a jacket, so you can wear it any time: at work, at home, out shopping.

Using the RenuBack, which is the best posture brace I’ve found, you’re fixing your posture and pain little by little, without doing any work at all.


Use the Universal C Skin Refiner to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Universal C Skin Refiner - Facial Skin Care - GizmoRate

Even if we don’t always make time for it, personal care for your skin should be a key part of everyone’s daily routine. I won’t lie, plenty of girlfriends have made fun of me for not taking better care of my skin, but some products make it easier to make skincare a priority.

The Universal C Skin Refiner from BeautyStat is one of these, a futuristic gel-cream hybrid. It’s paired with EGCG (the active ingredient in green tea), exfoliating tartaric acid, and squalane. As a guy, I don’t mind using the Universal C Skin Refiner.

The Universal C Skin Refiner feels like a gel, instead of a cream or lotion. It’s also fragrance-free.

It feels great to rub this stuff into your face. But don’t just trust me. This awesome skincare gel earned a slew of awards by big-name publications, including AllureHarper’s Bazaar, and Cosmo.


Keep Your Home Clean with Mobile Klean

Mobile Klean - Ultraviolet Light Sanitizer For Mobile - GizmoRate

In 2020, keeping ourselves, our loved ones, and our living spaces free from bacteria and viruses has become a primary concern. Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes work well, but they’re also disposable. You constantly have to buy more.

The Mobile Klean, a cutting-edge new sanitation device, eliminates that need. This compact little wand uses futuristic ultraviolet technology, killing germs with UV light.

The Mobile Klean kills viruses and bacteria on surfaces in as little as 20 seconds!

It’s safe to use on any surface, from cutlery to TV remotes to laptops and phones. Best of all, you don’t have to touch the surface yourself to clean it, just hold the Mobile Klean wand over the surface for 20 seconds!


Sleep Well with Tonight Sleep Labs

Tonight Sleep Labs - The Best Adjustable Pillow - GizmoRate

I’ve slept on a lot of “pillows” in my travels, from luxury feather pillows in Rome to sacks of rice in Chilean Patagonia. The pillow, perhaps more so than the bed itself, can make the difference between a restful night and a sleepless one. Bad pillows can also mean waking up with a stiff and sore neck, so you want to make sure you’ve got the right pillow.

A good pillow (and a good night’s rest) can be one of the most important home health aids of all, so picking up a quality pillow is a great self care idea.

The pillows from Tonight Sleep Labs are the most comfortable pillows around, and the only “custom” pillows I’ve ever come across. What I mean by that is that Tonight Sleep Labs pillows offer a unique 3-in-1 design.

You can add or remove pillow inserts to achieve the perfect thickness and firmness for you.

This way, you’re essentially making the pillow yourself. If at any point you’re looking for more or less support, you can add or remove inserts again to fine-tune your comfort.

These pillows are 100% cotton and hypoallergenic, and the Queen Size Pillow just went on sale for $74.95, down from the usual price of $124.92, so now is a great time to pick one of these up!


Breathe Fresh with BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags

Breathe Green Charcoal Bag - Air Freshener Bags - GizmoRate

Nobody likes a stinky house, but most air fresheners use artificial chemicals and fragrances that are often detrimental to our health. You don’t want to try to solve one problem and just create another for yourself. If you ever experience odor issues in your home, or if you just want better air quality in your living space, workspace, garage, or anywhere else, check out the BreatheGreen Charcoal Bag.

BreatheGreen Charcoal Bags provide permanent purification, thanks to non-toxic and eco-friendly bamboo-charcoal. As air passes through the charcoal’s pores, allergens, odors, and bacteria are trapped on the surface,

The charcoal is 100% eco-friendly and comes in a durable burlap bag with a reinforced metal hole for hanging. A single bag is reusable for up to two years! Just put it outside in the sun once a month for at least two hours to purify it.

Unlike many chemical air fresheners, it’s non-toxic, so safe for kids and pets. This is an air freshener and purifier of the highest quality.


Stay Fit with the Aaptiv Workout App

Aaptiv - Workout App - GizmoRate

Gym memberships and fitness classes can be costly, but nowadays you can get fit at home for cheap. With the Aaptiv Workout App, you get access to thousands of workouts, and 30 new online workout classes are added each week. There are also long-term custom training plans and goals from everything from race training to maternity to weight loss.

Working out is an active process and goals are always changing, so Aaptiv’s fitness instructors are perfect for all levels and give advice and tips as the workouts progress.

Another cool feature is that as opposed to stock music, the soundtracks for the workout videos and workouts are tunes of your choice, from thousands of top chart songs to classic hits from back in the day.

For those who want to save time and money by working out at home or just want to supplement their regular gym routine, the Aaptive Workout App is a valuable asset.


Eat Well with G-Plans

G-Plans - Customized Nutrition Program - GizmoRate

If you’re looking for some nutrition guidance but don’t want to shell out for an expensive nutritionist, check out the G-Plans Customized Nutrition Programs from Dr. Goglia.

These personal nutrition plans provide 7-day weekly meal guides, a dynamic recipe generator, body composition and fat percentage tracking, and more.

Best of all, they’re adaptable to paleo, vegan, pescatarian, and other diets.

My favorite thing here is that the dynamic recipe generator and built-in exchange system allows you to customize the diet to incorporate all your favorite foods. With G-Plans, you can eat healthier without feeling restricted, and still enjoy eating what you love.

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