10 Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind


How often do you use your kitchen? A recent NPD Group study found that 82% of the meals Americans eat are prepared at home! The number of people eating out at restaurants is also the lowest in decades!

It’s not surprising. Cooking at home is much cheaper and offers more flexibility to accommodate different preferences and dietary restrictions. Although home cooking used to require a lot of effort, today there are tons of cool kitchen gadgets that can make preparing tasty, healthy meals quick and easy.

If you’re like most Americans and you’re making most of your meals at home, it makes sense to want to have the best tools for the task. Outfit your kitchen with high-quality products so you can make excellent meals with minimal effort and time required.

The GizmoRate team has gathered together some of our favorite cool kitchen gadgets, from ice makers to knife sharpeners to electric graters. Check ’em out!


Craft Fancy Ice with QB Kraftz

QB Kraftz - Ice Maker - GizmoRate

Ask any bartender, and they’ll tell you ice is the most important ingredient in a cocktail. Ice makes the difference between a cocktail poured by a professional and some booze splashed into a cup by a teenager raiding his dad’s liquor cabinet.

When you’re drinking a high-class beverage, you’ll want high-class ice to go with it, not just any old refrigerator door dispenser banana ice chips. That’s where the ice maker QB Kraftz comes in.

This ice maker provides maximum insulation and a slow freeze to create pure, clear ice. You aren’t just making basic ice cubes, either. QB Kraftz has hundreds of different molds available, from smooth spheres to mini frogs to baseballs and more!

QB Kraftz is also ultra-portable, great for taking to cocktail parties to impress your friends and coworkers. You don’t even have to just make ice with this ice-making set, you can use almond milk or cream to make frozen dairy add-ins as well! My personal favorite choice is infusing berries or herbs into my ice by placing them inside the molds.

Turn Netflix and Chill into a classy date night with this ice maker!

The QB Kraftz ice maker kit is normally $46 for one set. Luckily, this ice-making device is currently at an unprecedented sale price of only $29.99, and if you buy three, they’ll only cost you $67 all together!


The Grater of the Future: Max Chef Grater

Veggies are the cornerstone of a healthy diet. New research is showing more and more how important it is that you include large servings of vegetables in your diet, but chopping and dicing veggies to cook is time-consuming.

The Max Chef food grater is one of the best kitchen gadgets I own. It’s changed the way I cook.

This food grater makes grating up veggies, nuts, cheese, or anything else as simple as a few cranks. It’s so easy to use, it’s almost like an electric grater. A single revolution of the hand crank makes 12 slices!

This grater is a workhorse, you can stick a massive cucumber into its large opening and in less than a minute you’ll have dozens of thinly-sliced cucumber segments. It comes with three different grater inserts: a slicer, and traditional grater, and a smaller grater for finer particles.

The Max Chef Grater is safe to use, with plastic shields protecting your hands from any accidental cuts, and it’s dishwasher-safe graters are easy to clean.

Don’t be turned off by the lack of English on its Portuguese website, this is a solid product, and you can snag one for only $18.97! Buy two, and you’ll get the second grater 50% off!


Stay Sharp with SharperMate

SharperMate - Electric Knife Sharpener - GizmoRate

Dull knives are more than just a pain in the buttocks, causing you to make clumsy and messy cuts. They can also be dangerous. Dull knives result in slips when cutting, which can result in you cutting yourself instead of your food!

A great knife sharpener is something we all need in our kitchens. Traditional hand sharpeners are tiresome and often dangerous, while larger, corded electric sharpeners are hard to store.

The mini-sized SharperMate electric knife sharpener is the best knife sharpener we’ve found. It’s optimized so you can sharpen knives of all sizes and types with ease, thanks to six different sharpening points. It works for kitchen knives, but also scissors, garden shears, pruners, and more!

All it takes is a few slow passes through the SharperMate’s motorized sapphire stone sharpener and any blade will be sharp and ready to cut. There’s also an included tray to catch metal particles.

This knife sharpener is battery-powered, which means it’s super-easy to store and to carry anywhere. You can use it in the kitchen and then take it to the garage or workshop to sharpen there as well. It’s so small, it fits in my sweatshirt pocket!

SharperMate brings the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect hybrid combo between tiresome, slow hand sharpeners and large, clunky electric sharpeners.

You can pick one up for 40% off right now, at a reduced price of $59.99.


Grill Like a King (or Queen) with the FlipFork

FlipFork - Cooking Utensil - GizmoRate

Nothing’s better than a day out grilling, especially in the summer. One of the things that make grilling so awesome is the simplicity. A few beers, some steaks, a sunny day, and some good company can add up to make a dining experience better than anything you’ll find in a 5-star restaurant. You can keep grilling simple with the FlipFork.

The FlipFork simplifies your grilling arsenal to a single cooking utensil! You can do it all with this grill tool!

The FlipFork has a meat tenderizer on one side, a knife edge on the other, a single-pronged fork on the corner, and a bottle opener in the middle, all fitting within a traditional spatula design!

Our favorite FlipFork is The Boss model because it’s the most inclusive gadget, but there are actually two other FlipForks, The Flex and The Works, each with different functions and designs.

The Boss retails for $25.99. These are constantly going out of stock, so if it’s in stock when you check, you’ll definitely want to snag one.


Grill Indoors with the Max Chef Stove Top Grill

The Max Chef Stove Top Grill, our other top-ranked grilling tool, is actually more of a kitchen tool. It converts your kitchen stove into a grilling space, allowing you to grill food on top of any traditional stove eye. This grill pan fits over your stovetop, and you place your meat, veggies, or other food onto it, creaking a smokeless grilling setup great for grilling food when stuck indoors, adding a little grilled flavor to any meal!

Prices and deals on the Max Chef Stove Top Grills are incredibly low right now, at only $13.98. Take advantage while you can!


Thaw Quickly with the Defrosting Tray

Another great product from Max Chef is their Defrosting Tray, a tray made of a high heat-conducting aluminum. This material heats up to the temperature of the environment around it extremely quickly. This way the tray will be at room temperature in your kitchen (say 70°F), in a jiffy.

If you place frozen meat or fish on the defrosting tray, it will convert the heat onto the meat or fish much faster than the surrounding air, so soon it’s thawed out and ready to cook. This saves loads of time when defrosting food, allowing you to maximize your time in the kitchen! While sometimes defrosting on this tray is comparable to defrosting in lukewarm water (my old method), I find that using a defrosting tray is a great way to avoid the soggy meat and fish that sometimes comes with water-thawing. Even when I’m thawing vacuum-sealed salmon in water, some always seeps in.

A defrosting tray requires no power source, just the natural heat of the environment, so you can use it anywhere. It’s perfect for the kitchen, but also great for barbecues and camping!


Sip with Ease with the EZ Sipper

EzSipper - Reusable Straw - GizmoRate

The “Ban Plastic Straws” movement has started to pick up even more steam lately. Whether or not you plan on bringing a reusable straw with you when you’re dining out, having a reliable reusable straw at home isn’t only environmentally-friendly (for each person that uses a reusable straw, it keeps nearly 600 straws out of the ocean each year on average). Reusable straws save a lot of money, too!

EZSipper stainless steel straws are the best reusable straws we’ve found. Silicone mouthpieces protect you from too-hot drinks, and these straws break into three segments (not counting the silicone mouthpiece) for easy storage and cleaning.

This reusable straw is made from anti-rusting stainless steel, so it’ll last a lifetime (literally). It also comes with a retractable pipe brush built into the carrying case for easy cleaning. If you want to take these awesome reusable straws for when you’re dining out, the compact carrying case is perfect!

One EZSipper will run you $49.99, which may seem like a lot at first, but when you take into account the money you’re saving (not to mention the eco-friendly benefits) and the high-quality, durable design, we find that it’s well worth it. This is the only straw you’ll ever need again, seriously. If you buy more than one, you’ll get discounts as well!


SaveSealer Vacuum Seals Your Food!

SaveSealer - Food Sealer - GizmoRate

Having leftovers go bad is the #1 way we waste money when cooking at home. It can be great to prepare a massive meal, but if you don’t eat it in one sitting and can’t keep that food fresh, what’s the point?

The SaveSealer vacuum sealer solves that problem. This portable, cordless sealer can keep food fresh for days, whether it’s meat, veggies, cheeses, fruits, or anything else. When you block out oxygen with a vacuum sealer, you preserve your food’s flavor and nutrients. It also makes storage incredibly easy, as the vacuum seal minimizes space!

SaveSealer lasts for hours on a single USB charge and fits into a kitchen drawer. What’s more, its BPA-free bags are reusable, so you will save tons of money on Saran wrap or whatever you’re currently using to store your food (which isn’t nearly as effective as SaveSealer anyway).

The SaveSealer isn’t one of those products that are only relevant to a certain demographic. It’s not just “great if you’re looking for a ____” or “perfect for those who ____.” It’s great for general food storage, camping trips, or even taking your lunch into work!

SaveSealer is hands down the best all-around kitchen gadget.

It’s guaranteed to change the way you store food. It’ll also save you time, money, and make your taste buds happier to boot!

SaveSealer is on sale for 45% off right now, for only $39.99, with 2 large and 3 small reusable bags included. If you’re looking for more, you can up the discount and buy a SaveSealer and 25 bags (10 large and 15 small) for only $59.99, a 65% off discount! If you’re interested in cool kitchen gadgets that will make you feel like you’re living in 2050, this is the one.


MicrowaveMaid Cleans Your Microwave For You

MicrowaveMaid - Microwave Cleaner - GizmoRate

Grimy microwaves are gross, and they’re also difficult to clean. That’s where MicrowaveMaid fits in.

This microwave cleaner comes in the form of a cute little rubber doll with a pressurized sprayer built into its head. This sprayer releases steam that melts away gunk and grime on the inside of your microwave. Then a few quick wipes by hand with a cloth is enough to leave your microwave spotless and sparkling!

MicrowaveMaid does the hard work for you!

The MicrowaveMaid microwave cleaner is a simple, but effective gadget. What’s more, it’s nearly half-off right now, for only $29.99, down from a normal price of $49.98.


BONUS: Eat Well with G-Plans!

G-Plans - Customized Nutrition Program - GizmoRate

Okay, so this isn’t really a kitchen gadget, but it’s definitely going to change the way you use your kitchen, so we think it fits as an honorable mention on this list of cool kitchen gadgets.

The G-Plans Customized Nutrition Programs from Dr. Goglia are a cool new nutrition package that’s hot on the market. It’s like having a personal nutritionist with you 24/7, living inside of your phone.

These personal nutrition plans give you weekly guides for each day, as well as a dynamic recipe generator, trackers for body composition and fat percentage, and all sorts of other tools to help you keep up with your health while on the go.

These plans are adaptable to fit with paleo, vegan, pescatarian, and other diets, so you can continue to eat how you want while still getting the nutrients you need.

There is also a really unique feature, something I’ve never seen before, called a dynamic recipe generator with a built-in exchange system. This means you can plug in your favorite foods or types of cuisine and the nutrition plan will incorporate your diet to include those, but in a healthy way. With G-Plans, you can eat healthier without feeling confined and trapped by a boring diet plan. You’ll still get to enjoy eating what you love!

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