Unbelievable Deals on the Best Car Gadgets You Need to Have


A car used to be just how you got from Point A to Point B. These days, it’s so much more. From stereos to back-up cameras to built-in DVD players to heated seats, high-end modern cars can offer us a lot in the way of convenience and comfort when traveling.

Even if you’re cruising in a twenty-year-old burner car with 200,000 miles on it, however, it doesn’t have to feel like a bad ride. There are tons of cool car gadgets on the market today that can make any car interior feel like a luxury vehicle, and improve your safety when driving to boot.

We’ve tracked down stellar deals and discounts on the best car gadgets available. Check them out below.



AutoCamHD - Dashboard Camera - GizmoRate

I’m starting with the AutoCamHD because this really isn’t an accessory. It’s a must-have piece of equipment for any driver. More people than ever are on the roads today. Licensed drivers in the USA number over 222 million!

However, more driving means more traffic and more accidents than ever, too. Auto industry experts estimate that on average, we’ll each be in four traffic accidents over the course of our lifetime. For many of us, that number could be higher.

Protecting yourself (and your insurance) from false claims after an accident is extremely important.

AutoCamHD is a high-definition dashboard camera that attaches to your rearview mirror and records 24/7 while driving.

With one-touch motion capture, you can quickly photograph a car’s license plate in front of you, and 720p HD Wide Angle footage ensures everything happening on the road is recorded. The AutoCamHD can also flip and record what’s going on inside the car as well.

What’s more, the dash camera automatically starts recording when the ignition is turned on, and it turns off automatically when the car turns off.

Motion sensors will automatically activate the AutoCamHD even when the car is off, so any potential break-ins and hit-and-runs will be captured on HD video.

The dash cam can store up to 14 hours of footage at one time, and also comes with night vision. No installation is required, just clip AutoCamHD to your rearview and press start.

It normally retails for $123.00, but we’ve tracked down a special discount so you can snag AutoCamHD for only $79.95! This is definitely one of the best car gadgets on this list, so don’t miss the opportunity to check it out for yourself.



FIXD - Car Diagnostic Sensor - GizmoRate

Automobile dashboard displays have become more efficient and capable in recent years, but the icons on your dash can still be confusing, requiring you to fumble with an owner’s manual thicker than a college algebra textbook to decipher them. Even if you can figure out what’s going on, often it’s still tricky to know how serious the problem is and what to do about it. That’s where FIXD comes in.

FIXD is a mini car sensor and diagnostic app. The sensor plugs into your car and monitors your car’s performance 24/7 so you don’t have to. It then communicates with you via the FIXD app, explaining what’s wrong when problems arise, how to fix them, and how much repairs might cost. It also comes with regular maintenance reminders.

FIXD is compatible with Android and iOS.

FIXD is like having a personal mechanic in your car with you at all times!

The FIXD Diagnostic Sensor is available for a mere $59 (when you think about how much you’re saving on repairs and check-ups, it’s more than a bargain) and there’s an awesome deal happening now where if you buy two you can get one free!

They’re perfect gifts for family, friends, or anyone who owns an automobile. Everyone should have one of these in their car. For a small “Premium” upgrade you can also have a dedicated automotive specialist on-call 6 days a week to answer your questions and walk you through repairs.



VIZR - GPS - GizmoRate

VIZR is another revolutionary product from the guys behind FIXD. This one is a mini heads up display for your car, which works like a transparent GPS on your dashboard.

It sits right above your steering wheel and has a real-time display that’s also see-through, like a hologram. This way you can keep your eyes on the road and still get all the functionality of a smartphone while driving. It displays speed, maps, traffic, even your tilt angle on winding roads!

VIZR feels like something out of a Star Wars movie!

Because it’s semi-transparent, you can have it right above your steering wheel and still pay attention to the road. No more need for a phone mount. All you do is set your smartphone on the pad below it, and the screen from the VIZR app is projected onto the VIZR’s transparent mini screen for easy viewing. The days of fumbling with Google Maps on your smartphone and constantly looking down, back and forth between road and phone, are long gone.

VIZR is the safest GPS on the market because you aren’t taking your eyes off the road at all to use it.

The VIZR devices retail at $39.99 each, but for a limited time, if you buy two you’ll get each VIZR for only $29.99! This is another device that isn’t an accessory, it’s simply a must-have for anyone who drives and uses their smartphone as a GPS. It makes driving safer and is cool to use as well.


Shine Armor

Shine Armour - Car Wax - GizmoRate

Dings and scrapes and smudges are just facts of life when you’re driving. Even the best drivers will wind up with a few sooner or later, so a good ding repair solution is something you’ll always want on hand in your garage. Shine Armor is the best one we’ve found.

This isn’t just any old ding repair or car wax, it’s made with a “Hydro-Ceramic” coating, which fills up cracks and crevices like new, leaving a protective layer that’s both water repellent and glossy and will prevent future scrapes. It sprays on easily and wipes clean in seconds.

Shine Armor is a two-in-one ding repair and car wax.

I ride motorcycles regularly, and it works great on my Triumph Bonneville as well. Shine Armor even cleans up scraped motorcycle helmets.

Right now you can snag one bottle of Shine Armor for $22.99 or buy one and get one half off at $29.99. Two free microfiber towels are included with every purchase.



AutoOcular - Night Driving Glasses - GizmoRate

The night is hands down the most dangerous time to drive. While we do only 1/4 of our driving at night, over 1/2 of all traffic accidents occur during nighttime hours, according to the National Safety Council.

Night driving glare and eye strain are some of the most common reasons behind night driving accidents. That’s where AutoOcular comes into play.

AutoOcular is a cool new piece of driving eyewear specially designed for driving at night.

Its lenses improve color and clarity and block blue light, preventing eye strain and reducing glare. It also works well in low light and foggy conditions. This is a great product for road trips, where you may be doing a fair bit of long-distance night driving.

If your night driving vision is a concern (and whose isn’t?), check out AutoOcular. Right now you can snag a pair of these stylish shades for $49.95. That’s 35% off of their normal price of $75. If you buy two, you can get 40% off.


Roadside Safety Discs

RoadSide Safety Discs - Ultra-bright LED - GizmoRate

You might not realize it, but one of the most dangerous places to be on the road isn’t driving… it’s sitting pulled over on the side of the road.

Whether you’ve blown a tire, had an engine breakdown, or are dealing with another issue, you’ll want to make sure oncoming traffic is aware of your presence.

That’s why the 1Tac Roadside Safety Discs are a great asset to your car’s emergency kit. Stow these little circular discs under your driver’s seat or in your the trunk, pop them out and set them up around your car when you’re pulled over. Their 15 ultra-bright LEDs can be seen from over 5,000 feet away!

The lamp life has over 1,000 hours and 13-hours of run time. Their magnetic bases allow them to stick to any metallic surface, they’re waterproof, and they even float! These light-up wheel discs can get run over by a truck and continue to operate!

The Roadside Safety Discs are running the best deal out of any item on this list!

Normally $39.99, you can get these for as low as $10 each depending on how many you purchase, and shipping is currently free! The next time you have an emergency on the roadside they’ll save you a ton of peace of mind.


Roadside Hero

RoadSide - Survival Tool - GizmoRate

The Roadside HERO is nine gadgets all wrapped into one. As the name implies, this multi-tool flashlight is perfect for any roadside situation.

It comes with a solar power cell, USB-compatible portable charger, and uber-bright LED red emergency light and white work light on either side. The Roadside HERO‘s hefty built-in hammer/glass breaker can take out any glass car window. It doubles as a great self-defense weapon, too! It also has a seatbelt cutter, a magnet for easy access mounting, a compass, and more.

The Roadside HERO’s 2000mAH battery is powerful enough to charge your phone and still power the 200 Lumen flashlight, which has high, low, and strobe functions. The Roadside HERO is also shockproof. What more could you want in a car gadget?

Thanks to its multiple functions, this is one of the best car gadgets. We recommend carrying one in your automobile at all times.

The Roadside HERO is currently on sale for half off, at $49.95.



InvisiCharger - Wireless Charging Pad - GizmoRate

This is one gadget I bet you haven’t heard about. I didn’t even know it existed until recently.

InvisiCharger is a wireless charging pad that can turn any surface into a wireless charger.

It mounts below the surface and sends its wireless signal up (it can travel through up to 32mm of plastic, wood, glass, marble, you name it), so you can charge your device without any plugs or wires.

The best way we’ve found to use the InvisiCharger is to attach it below your center console (most cars have USB ports or cigarette lighters under the center console which you can convert to an AC port). That way you can simply rest your phone on top of your center console and charge it up, without the distraction of messing with any cables or plugs.

This wireless charger is the most convenient way to charge your phone in the car. It’s also a great way to minimize distractions while driving.

Currently, you can snag one InvisiCharger for 40% off, at $99.99. You can also pick up two and get one for 50% off, at $249.99 total, and turn multiple surfaces around your car and home into wireless charging stations!



KeySmart - Key Organizer - GizmoRate

No one likes a massive bulk of keys. They’re noisy, confusing to sort through, they take up space, and are often uncomfortable to carry in your pocket. KeySmart is a nifty key organizer that organizes up to eight of your keys into a stream-lined little pack and then allows you to clip your car key fob on.

It has an add-on for USBs, bottle openers, and more as well. There isn’t much more to say about this awesome little car accessory other than that you should pick one up now. There’s no reason not to. It’s durable and lightweight (made from aircraft aluminum), and turns a massive jumble of keys into a pack no wider than a finger.

It’s the perfect way to keep keys organized!

The KeySmart key organizer retails at $19.99, but there’s a deal going on right now where you can buy 2 KeySmart’s and get one free ($13.33 each).


AirPump Power

AirPump Power - Portable Air Pump - GizmoRate

We’ve all dealt with low tire pressure here and there, whether from minor leaks, major blowouts, or simple changes in external air pressure. Sometimes all you need is to keep your tire inflated until you can get home or to a service station. Sometimes all you need is to put a little air back in and it will hold long-term. 

The AirPump Power is a portable battery-powered air pump that you can take with you in your car to keep your tires inflated at all times. It can completely inflate a car tire in 8 minutes. It also comes with a USB compatible charger for phones and other electronic devices and a 70 Lumen flashlight with up to seven hours of battery life. It’s also waterproof, so it can even be used to pump tires in the rain!

Snag an AirPump Power portable air pump for $89.99 today (it’s currently under a special 50% off deal!), and you’ll never worry about flat tires again. This is one of the best car gadgets you’ll own. It’s guaranteed to save your butt if your tires are ever running low on air.

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