Top 10 Gadgets You Need to Have the Best Day at the Beach


I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like going to the beach. The warm sunshine, soft sand between your toes, sparkling blue waters… it’s no wonder beachfront property is so expensive!

You might think all you need to have fun at the beach is a beach bag, swimsuit, and beach blanket or towel, but there are tons of new products that can make your time at the beach more relaxing and enjoyable.

You can make a patch of sand feel like your own private beach resort… if you bring the right gear with you! From waterproof speakers to portable charging stations to an HD drone camera, here are the coolest beach accessories you need to check out before your next trip to the seaside.

Bluetooth Speakers


Universal SplashBeats Bluetooth Speaker

Universal SplashBeats - Bluetooth Speaker - GizmoRate

That’s why one the SplashBeats is quite possibly the best Bluetooth speaker under $100 (and the best Bluetooth speaker under $50, actually). This portable little waterproof speaker is a mere $49.99, the sound quality packs a punch, it’s incredibly lightweight, and best of all it won’t burn out on you if it gets wet!

It also works great as a Bluetooth shower speaker (for those of you like me, who like to jam out while you scrub down).


The coolest Bluetooth speaker for the beach is the TikiTunes!

TikiTunes - Bluetooth Speaker - GizmoRate

This isn’t just any old speaker, it’s an electronic tiki torch, with a built-in LED light that flickers like fire. The TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker is water-resistant, like the SplashBeats, and dust-resistant, so it’ll stay sand-free. It also has surprisingly high-quality sound for its tiny size.

A 2000 mAh rechargeable battery allows music to play for up to 6 hours according to the product specs, although some users have clocked closer to 9 or 10 hours before at lower volumes. Best of all though, these speakers can be paired together and synchronized to play music at the same time, so you can host a nighttime beach party with your very own tiki torch sound system.

Right now, these are available for an astoundingly low sale price. One TikiTunes only costs $39.99! and you can buy 3 for the low price of $99.98! Pop three of these tiki torch speakers around your spot at the beach and it’ll feel like you’re chilling on a private tropical island, even if you’re just down at the local public beach or state park. Speakers are some of the most important beach accessories, and the TikiTunes is our favorite.


Stay Charged with CHARGEHUBGO+

ChargeHubGo+ - Charging Device - GizmoRate

You’ll want your devices powered up so you can play your tunes, take photos, and more, so you’ll need a good portable charger. The CHARGEHUBGO+ is a top-notch choice. This 5000mAH power bank has two built-in cables, but it also supports wireless charging! Just set your phone on top and it’ll charge right up.

No messing with cables or plugs so you can focus on relaxing.

This is also a great pick if you’re tired of your phone charging slow with other chargers. The CHARGEHUBGO+ has SmartSpeed® technology that which automatically detects your device and optimizes charging speed for your phone or tablet. As a result, you’ll get maximum charging speed without any danger of overcharging and damaging your device’s battery. You can get a CHARGEHUBGO+ now for only $39.99, an absolute steal compared to many other wireless charging hubs on the market.


AirPhones – Affordable AirPods

Apple Airpods with Charging Case - Earbuds - GizmoRate

If you’re by yourself, you may not need (or want) a loud speaker like the SplashBeats or TikiTunes. Check out the AirPhones, a cheap and affordable set of wireless earphones, and a great alternative to Apple’s famous AirPods.

AirPhones feature an HD quality microphone, a long-lasting charging case, great stereo sound, and Bluetooth compatibility with iPhone and Android. They’re AirPods, but 60% cheaper!


Relax in Silence with QuietBuds

Quiet Buds - Noise Cancelling Headphones - GizmoRate

You can turn any beach into your private meditation zone with the noise-canceling headphones QuietBuds.

These are hands down the best noise-canceling earbuds on the market. I would know. I was the lead singer in a punk rock band in high school, and one of my biggest problems was finding adequate ear protection that blocked the wavelengths I didn’t want to hear without canceling out all sound.

QuietBuds uses revolutionary “Interchangeable Acoustic Filters,” so you select the range of noise you don’t want to hear, insert those filters, and can hear everything else. These noise-canceling earbuds are perfect for relaxing beach vacations. With QuietBuds, you’re tuning out all the noise around you while still being alert enough to hear when you need to.


FlexSafe – An Awesome Portable Safe

FlexSafe - Keep your items safe - GizmoRate

The beach can be relaxing, but it’s important to not get complacent. Luckily, the FlexSafe removes these worries. This portable safe has enough space to hold credit cards, jewelry, a phone, passport, and plenty of other valuables, all protected by a heavy-duty nickel alloy lock with a customizable combination. A built-in RIFD blocker prevents criminals from scanning your info, and this safe is thick and slash-proof.

Lock it to a beach chair, umbrella, pole, or any other object with the easy attachment system, or carry it on your belt. With the FlexSafe, the best portable safe I’ve found, you can leave your things on the beach and go for a swim without worrying about whether your valuables are safe.

A note of warning: while the lock and design of this product are incredibly durable, we’ve found some issues with the internal zipper (the method of entry after the lock) where thieves are able to gain access if the FlexSafe isn’t secured properly to whatever object you’re attaching it to. This isn’t a reason not to rely on the FlexSafe, but be sure that you attach it securely around a thicker object, without leaving wiggle room for anyone to stick their hand in and manipulate the zipper.


Camera Devices and Accessories

A great beach day makes for great memories, so you’ll want a good camera to capture them. These days, we all carry cameras 24/7 thanks to our smartphones, but there are a lot of affordable cell phone camera accessories and other camera devices to check out that will boost your photo quality and style. Many can improve the quality of your smartphone photos so much that they’ll look like they were taken by a professional!

good camera and accessories to take excellent photos are must-have pieces of gear for the beach.


The Treiss Pro is a tiny smartphone attachment that will change your phone into a DSLR camera!

Treiss Pro - Smartphone Camera - GizmoRate

The Treiss Pro is a set of interchangeable lenses that clip onto your phone, allowing you to take all kinds of cool shots. There’s a trendy fisheye lens (all the rage right now on Instagram), a wide-angle lens for a wider view, and a macro lens for maximum magnification. With this nifty little cell phone camera lens, you can take pics like a pro right off of your phone, all without shelling out thousands of dollars for a professional camera.


Another great accessory is the TruLight, an LED clip-on light that makes your selfies pop!

TruLight – Selfie Ring Light - GizmoRate

This little clip-on selfie ring light is great for taking selfies in dim light, on cloudier days, or in angles where natural light isn’t optimal. It works wonders indoors, but you can also use it to take cool beach selfies when the sun angle isn’t great, or when under a beach umbrella or in a beach tent, for example. The TruLight has 36 LED lights that take away shadows and hot spots.

This selfie light is especially great for women, as it captures your makeup true to color, covers up blemishes, and gives even skin tone from all angles, so you get the most flattering selfies. It also has three brightness levels for maximum utility.


The Starscope Monocular is like a mini telescope for your phone!

Starscope Monocular - Mini Telescope to your Phone Camera - Gizmo Rate

It can be used on its own as a monocular or clipped to your phone camera to magnify it. This tiny lens can see over 50 miles and magnifies objects 10x. It’s a waterproof and fogproof lens and has a stunningly wide field of view: over 3,000 feet.

If you’re into birdwatching, whale watching, or star gazing, or you just like checking out the sights, you’re going to want to pick up the Starscope Monocular. As an outdoorsman, this is one of my favorite beach accessories, because it works great when camping too.


There’s nothing cooler than drone photography, and now you can own a WiFi camera drone, the AltusCam HD, for only $170!

AltusCam HD - Drone Camera - Gizmo Rate

This is a fraction of the cost of most drones on the market, which run into the thousands. What’s more, this drone provides top-notch HD quality, superb handling and control, and a range of over 150 feet! It’s incredibly lightweight and portable (you can fit the drone, sans removable propellers, into your pocket).

Capturing surfing footage from a drone provides some of the best shots imaginable (I know, I’ve done it), and now you can too. 150 feet may not be a far range compared to high-end drones, but for this price and HD quality shots, it’s an absolute steal.

This is the best drone camera for amateur photographers or anyone who likes to travel, and it’s also the cheapest HD drone camera I’ve found. If you’re going to pick up one of the beach accessories off our list, this would be my pick. The low price and unbelievable quality make the AltusCam HD a stellar product.

So throw some of these gadgets, a towel, and a swimsuit into your tote bag and get ready for National Beach Day (August 30th)!

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